SOLN1-25 V2 Fully Assembled

SOLN1-25 V2 Overview Download the SOLN1-25 V2 Quick Start User Guide PDF Specs: New tougher 25W aluminum solar...

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SOLN1-25 V2 Fast Build Kit

SOLN1-25 V2 Fast Build Kit Build Video The fast build kit is designed to make final assembly a quick and easy...

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$97.95 $87.95

SOLN1 8 – Compact Solar & USB Power

This small camping/travel unit features high power USB charging for everything from GPS to your phone and...

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$47.95 $37.95

Tesla Torch V2 – Super Fast Charge LED Flash Light

Specs: > Charges in 4-7 seconds, runs for 4-7 minutes. > Hand wound SJR L coil > No batteries, uses 1...

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SOLN1-25 AC Smart Charger

SOLN1-25 AC Charger Specs: Input: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz Output: 14.6V 4000mA USA shipping only at this time. World...

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SOLN1-8 – Two Panel Upgrade

Charge your SOLN1-8 in half the time!...

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$3.95 $2.95

USB Light Bulb

First of all, these bulbs are awesome! I love the simplicity of using USB power for lighting.  They provide a lot...

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SOLN1 5 – Compact Solar & USB Power

This small camping/travel unit features high power USB charging for your Phone, camera, GPS and smaller...

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30A PWM Solar Charge Controller

This is the solar charger that we use in the SOLN1-25 kit.  We are now providing it for DIY builders.   12V/24V...

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Samlex SAM 250W DC to AC Inverter

This is the inverter used in the SOLN1 25   Features: USB charging port: 5 VDC, 2.1A 1 three prong outlet...

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Battery Foam Support

This is a set of two foam battery supports used in the top and bottom of the SOLN1-25 frame.  Made available here...

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SOLN1 – Machined Corner Set

These custom machined 1.5″ furniture grade PVC corner fittings form the frame to the SOLN1 25. Perfect for...

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Fuse Holder – Prepped for the SOLN1-25

These are the fuse holders we use in the SOLN1-25 kit. 40A fuses included.  Sold in a set of two.  We are...

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SOLN1-25 Parts Bag

Check out the images to see what is included in the bag.

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3M Fastener 4.5″

This is the 3M Fastener product that we use to attach inverters and battery banks onto solar panels.  We are...

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Tesla Torch V2 PCB

This is the PCB board only made available for DIY builders.  DIY build instruction video coming soon.

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